Saturday, March 9, 2013

Back at it... Blossoms of the spring Blog

The one who seeks your peace and success with fierce love, with all my heart and soul.
-Yisroel Dov Odesser
Hello nanachs, time to get back at it.... I stayed for awhile from this blog putting most my time into another. I want to restart this one again with its original intention. Which is to go through Blossoms of the spring and post questions for discussion. so we can learn together and grow together. This would be Super helpful for me as well as eachother. Lets make it a goal however to study together and do so in peace and love disagreements are fine but lets be respectful of one another and grow together. Please if you would be so willing to participate I would greatly appreciate it.
For those who dont know how it works I will post a letter and throughout post questions I have or thoughts in bold then we can discuss them in the comments area. Also if you have any points you want to bring up then you as well can post them. Please join me... No point in this blog if no one participates.
Much love Nanachs!!

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