Friday, July 27, 2012

Be Strong in Overcoming Obstacles

(again my comments in bold italic)

My dear Mr. Zalman Shazar, who understands one thing from another: great peace.

You must pay attention to understand the subtle implications of our words, to recieve hints from them about the matter of attaching to the Tzaddik, in whose great power even one who is distant and has fallen into a deep endless descent is able to draw near to G-d [the Blessed L-rd]. Even if our deeds do not reflect favourably, and we have done what we have done, and damaged what we have damaged, and become estranged as we have, and have arrived to where we have, so that we have destroyed the house of wisdom, and burned the temple of intellect, and exiled our knowledge to the place of exile: Still G-d does His, and the kindensss of G-d are not exhausted and His mercies do not cease, One who goes in phyicality all his days and afterwords becomes inspired and wants to draw near to the tzaddik. Who will lead him in the ways of G-d; at that point the trait of harsh judgement accuses him and does not leave him alone and arranges a obstacle for him. And the fool, when he sees the obstacle, turns back. But one who is intelligent draws himself near precisley at that point. For in truth God himself is hidden in this obstacle. G-d does not send any person obstacles except according to his strength and ability to stand up to them if he wants to overcome them properly. Therefore really there is no obstacle at all, for all the obstacles are only a illuison. The main thing is to have a strong and couragres heart, and then nothing obstructs him from drawing near to the truth, for every obstacle is nullified for one who makes his heart strong and courages in G-d!!
People have more power then the evil urge to obstruct and entice the person and to distance him from G-d and from the True Tzaddik. Therefore one who wants truly to draw near to the truth needs to be very courges against there evil brazeness, and let his will be strong against theirs, not to be imbarresed by the scoffers. You should think that there is nothing in the world except he alone, unique in the world, and not to look at any person who obstructs him. To be like abraham was one [LM, intro to part 2], as though he is alone in the world. And through this you can merit to find G-d through searching and seeking alone, and that he requests, and seeks, and searches for his Blessed Glory. And precisley by overcomming such a powerful concealment, afterwords his Blessed Glory is elevated and exahaulted even more, and in the end everything is transformed for the good and the world is completely rectified!!!
Because of the preoccupation of Erev Shabbos Kodesh [prepreations for the holy sabbath] , it is imparative to conclude. Your beloved friend, who is connected to your heart everyday always, who truly entreats for your peace and wellfare.

(guess i have nothing to say about this it is just inspiring... Anyone else feel free to comment)

Yisroel Dov Odesser

Sunday, July 22, 2012


The delight of my heart, finer then gold and pearls, Mr. Zalman Shazar. May the Almighty extend your years with the supreme pleasantness, in a manner that you will cast off and nullify your wisdom and intellect to the sweetness of the light of knowledge of the Tzaddik, the True Sage.

Heartfelt Brother, Gevald! [untranslatable Yiddish expression meaning approx. it cant be!] You are sleeping! How much longer will you sleep? The time is passing and roaring and storming and running and flying fast, more then the shadow of a bird that flies in the air, and it is possible that the day has come for the body to expire. And what shall we do for the last day? There is no wisdom and no advice except to flee to the True Tzaddik, the Elder of Elders, the Saba [literally grandfather, but connoting a very wise old Sage] of Sabin, the choice of the choicest Tzaddikim, who through, his mighty greatness and awesome power, is able to repair everything (again here we also see the True Tzaddik can repair everything).  Even souls, that are so flawed and damaged that it is impossible for them to be repaired in any way.
Even though it is a great thing to rebuke ones friend when he sees that he is not acting properly, even so not every person is capable of rebuking. For the rebuke of someone who is not fit for this, not only does not help but even defiles the smell of the souls who hear his rebuke. For through his rebuke he arouses the bad smell of the evil deeds and evil characteristics of the people that he rebukes, and through that he weakens there souls. But the voice of the proper rebuker strengthens the power of the soul, because he adds and gives a good smell to the souls through th voice of his rebuke, and they merit to perfect faith. And through that the glory of G-d is greatly enhanced. For the main glory of G-d [the blessed L-rd] is when people who are outside of holiness bring themselves near inside the holiness. This is the main glory of G-d, and in such a manner is elevated and enhanced the name of the Holy One Blessed be He above and below. And through this peace is drawn down into the world. This matter of rebuke is from the things that I   wrote two years ago to the prime minister, Mr. David Bengurion, it is worth requesting that he show you the letter, because it is very perinent.

Yisroel Dov Odesser

The Obstacles to Approaching the Tzaddik

(again my words in bold italic)

to the faithful one of my heart, Mr. Zalman Shazar, with a prominently high soul. Peace and great salvation. G-d [the blessed L-rd] think of ways that the estranged to not become alienated from Him. And when He sees that the person is falling to a place that is extremely low and distant from the Torah, in utter lowliness and unworthiness, and that the forces of evil and defilement are spreading out over him from every side and want to swallow him completly, G-d forbid, G-d sends to him hints appropriate to that place. And He sends him a certain merit that he can attain precisley in that distant place. And that is the test and choice. And if there he will merit to remember G-d and to do there what G-d hints to him, wherever he is, he can easily return to G-d.

The Tzaddik, who is of extremely great stature, who has purified himself from everything, is not dead at all. For also after his passing he works to rectify the souls of Israel, even more then in his lifetime, since then he is rising constantly all the time to levels that are so high and wonderous and exalted that he can repair everything. (Saba here says he can repair anything) For the main rectification must be recieved from the highest place, and each person, according to how very much he has damaged, G-d forbid, needs to recieve the repair from a correspondingly high and distant place. And this is the aspect of "From afar" G-d appears to me; From afar precisley, "From afar" she will bring her bread. For the main rectification must be recieved from afar, from a place very much higher and more distant from him.
But the main thing is we must break many obstacles before we merit to draw near to this tzaddik. (so this kind of means that if we are drawing near to the tzaddik we have broken obstalces already,so kinda like Rebbe Nachman says, If one is in despair he can at least rejoice he is a Jew, So couldn't you also say of one is in despair one can at least rejoice that he has merited to draw close to the tzaddik. Also this seems to be saying as one draws close to the Tzaddik there will be many obstacles, and I am assuming one is always rising higher and higher drawing closer to the Tzaddik.?) For the obstacles are very powerful and numerous without number. Especially the mental obstacles that exist; that people do not believe in essence that they can recieve rectification, because of their extensive damage time after without measure, for many days and years. And even though they blame themselves for the damage, this also is a type of obstacle: That they do not believe in the greatness of G-ds kindness, which are unlimted, and in the greatness of the True Tzaddik, who draws down wonderously new kindness each time, until everyone who wants to receieve them can merit through him and be repaired, even if he damaged what he damaged G-d forbid.
The main illumination of the glory of G-d in the world is only through the Tzaddik, who finds righteousness in the majority of the people and trys to draw near the distant and to return them to G-d. For this is the main glory of G-d, may His glory be elevated and increased in the world. Therefore every person needs to try hard to draw the estranged near to G-d. Also one should not say, How can I draw near to G-d when I am so distant because of the multitude of my evil deeds? For just the opposite: The further away one is, the more the glory of G-d is magnified through him when he tries to return and to draw near to the blessed one, for this is the main glory of G-d.

The author and arranger, who prays always and everyday for your peace and welfare, with all his heart and with self sacrifice, who seeks your peace and the peace of your dependants.

Yisroel Dov Odesser

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Tzaddik is the Cure for All Problems

(my words are in bold italic)

To the beloved of my heart, who yearns and desires to see the sparkling secret, hidden visions, Mr Zalman Shazar. May the L-rd uplift the horn of his salvation and open the eyes of his mind to distinguish and see the truth eye to eye.

In our days a robber has entered our borders, and he is the head of all our enemies. He has put a iron trap upon us and buried obstacles in our path. He has spread out nets for our feet. His eyes are peircing at us, and his teeth grinding upon us. To fall upon us and destroy us. And each and everyday he renews his strength and overpowers us. Forcing us to drink his cup of poison, and it is complely beyond our capability to stand up against him. Therefore the L-rd has done a wonder with us and has brought the cure before the blow and has sent down to us the True Tzaddik, the head and chosen of all the choice Tzaddikim. He is the Rebbe and the leader of our generation and of all future generation, who will water the all the earth with wisdom and knowledge of the L-rd, using the rivers and streams of his wisdom and his profound rectifications and advice. In order to purify the impure, to wash off the soilded, to whiten the stained, to give merit to the guilty, to atone for the transgressors, to drawn near the estranged, to gather in the exiled and lost, to liberate the imprisoned, to rejoice the hearts of the depressed and ostracized!
Happy is the one who is save from erring and those who wander in darkness and gloom, who cannot see and gaze at the light of the True Tzaddik, who is the root of all the Tzaddikim of all generations. For He will finish completly all the rectifications that the Tzaddikim of all the generations began and will rectify the entire world in utter perfection. And with this enormous power he will suppress and nullify all of the heresy and atheism from the world and will draw into the world great faith. And he will illuminate for everyone a revelation of G-dliness so extremley awesome that the likes of which has never yet been heard or seen in the history of th wold.
When the force of the serpents poison becomes over-powering, G-d forbid, and one become very distanced fromt the holiness of his Judaism. And he wonders aimlessly and burdned., and he has replulsed him from his holiness time after time. Then the holiness of the human soul awakens; and then precisley, if one is strong and courages and starts to request, search, seek, and dig at every moment and to yearn and desire to find the Holy One Blessed be He. And even if still many days and years pass by and he does not merit to find the Holy One Blessed be He and to be drawn near to Him; even so he should know and believe that every moment, through every searching and seeking and through every summons that one summons and searches and seeks to find the Glory of the Holy One Blessed be He and through every glance and yearning that He looks and lifts his eye towards Holiness, through all this he merits each time to break walls of iron and doors of brass. And even though each time afterwards they overpower him even more, eves so his effort is not in vain, G-d forbid, and no movment that he turns towards Holiness is lost, G-d Forbid. (Wow! Inspiring! I would do well to always remember this!)
And certainly in the end he will merit to find the Holy One Blessed be He to ascend to the greatest ascent. :-)   And this power to search and seek for the blessed One even in the greatest descent, in the deepest exile of the soul, is in the merit of the teaching of the True Tzaddik, who turns to lovingkindness always and finds good in every member of Israel, and through that he endeavers to heal each one, even if he is very very sick with spiritual illness. For He [True Tzaddik] finds also in him good points, like hairs: as when he disengages from evil and attaches himself to good even as much as a hairs breath. And that hair becomes a channel through which the Tzaddik introduces intelligence also into him, until he instills within him even comprehension of the Divine. For this is the essential greatness of the Tzaddik: When he can heal even the sickest person!

The writer and organizer, who prays everyday for your peace and success, and who is bound to your precious and pleasant soul always and at all times, truly with all my heart and soul, and who seeks your peace and welfare and the peace of your dependants.

Yisroel Dov Odesser

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Repentance is Always Possible

(my comments and questions in bold italic)

My beloved like my own soul, Mr. Zalman Shazar, peace and true life.

I already wrote that I believe and hope that, because of the amazing divine providence that occurred on the intermediate Days of Passover, You will expierence great good and blessing in the matter of drawing near to the true tzaddik. Therefore together with that I feel obligated to open your ears to the truth that is in my heart, namley that concerning our project together I am complelty clean of all types of materlistic self interest for money and honor and the like, G-d forbid; rather only for the Lord alone. I am certain and rely on your exalted wisdom that your honor understands and knows this point with absolute certainty. The Blessed L-rd knows and bears witness that I am prepared and ready to sacrifice my life and money and everything I have for the sake of drawing any soul of Israel near to the Blessed L-rd or at least to put into him a thought of return [repentance] for even a single moment!
Rabbeinu [our Master and Teacher, Rebbe Nachman of Breslev] of blessed memory said: "Three things I was able to accomplish from the Blessed L-rd; 1) I already have broken your arrogance. 2) A sin will cause you suffering. It wont bring you any sense of pleasure. If you do commit a sin, it will be without hands and feet. (what does this mean?) 3) No more will you look at famous false leaders. Is this applicable to nanach philosphy about False leaders today?) You already have tasted from the hungarian wine". (what does this mean?) Even if one has done what he has done and transgressed what he has transgressed, even then the Blessed L-rd contracts Himself from his infinitude and Transcendance and sends the person hints to draw near to Him through various means that the L-rd arranges in His exaltedly hidden ways. For the Blessed One thinks thoughts so that the alienated one should not become more estranged from Him. But all these hints and all His calling to us is through the True Tzaddik, that we return to Him from every place we might be. From all sorts of obstacles, seductions, and wickedness in the heart. From all sorts of assualts from the husk of Amalek that can overpower the person and from every place that his mind and heart have strayed and erred.
The essential point that the deepest part of the heart of every member of Israel, mighty and fierce waters cannot extiguish, no matter what may occur to the person.
with a peacful departure and feelings of respect and endearment from the one who yearns and hopes to see you with a joyful heart.

Yisroel Dov Odesser

The Holiness of the Land of Israel

(my comments questions in bold italic)

In honor of my hearts desire, the pleasant Mr. Zalman Shazar, Peace and great light from the Great Eagle. May he hover over you every day, constantly, for the length of your days.

Behold I send to you my heartfelt blessing on Tenth Israel Independence Day Fesitval. Blessed is the One who has sustained us and brought us to this time. Who has made for us open miracles in the eyes of the whole world and hidden miracles concealed from our minds. So too may we merit the complete redemption through the revelation of the holy knowledge of the True Tzaddik, the flowing stream the source of Wisdom, may his merit protect us, Amen.
Through the sanctity of  Eretz Yisroel. We may merit to know of the True Rebbe. And according to how much we merit to attach and to be included with the True Tzaddik, so too do we merit a portion in Eretz Yisroel.
Eretz Yisroel is the encompassing holiness of all forms of holiness. In her we merit to escape from the perspective of nature and to know and to believe that everything is through divine providence alone. And this awareness is the essence of holiness. (this awareness is the essence of holiness. It took me a very long time to see this. Even now some areas it is a struggle, but I do know now that everything comes from G-d. Everything!) If a person were to truly believe in the sancity of Eretz Yisroel, even in just one part in a thousand of her true holiness, surely he would run and fly to Eretz Yisroel with all his strength, and no obstacle could stop him. (I haven't learned much about this, can anyone tell me more about this, holinees of Eretz Yisroel, that one would run and fly too? what is different? Why? Where is a source that I can learn about this from?)
Every memeber of Israel has a portion in Eretz Yisroel, and there is our life, there is our holiness, there is our home, there is our land, there is our soil, there is our portion, there is our lot. And in Chutz Laaretz [literaly, outside the land] we dwell like a guest with nowhere to lodge, who wanders around in the courtyards, marketplaces and streets, for there is not our land and our portion at all. And therefore it is called outside the land, outside precisley. For we are standing on the outside, literally outside, and there is no one to gather us home, until we shall come on to the ground of holiness.

by dwelling in Eretz Yisroel we can perceive the providence of the blessed L-rd over the world
Yisroel Dov Odesser, Tiberias

Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Truth in Exile

I am going to start trying this way instead of posting questions at the end I am going to insert them in the text like this, posing my questions and comments lije this in bold italic I am hoping for your responses.

in honor of the good and pleasent Mr. Zalman Shazar blessings of life and great peace.

Two days ago I sent you good delacacies that your soul loves, and I hope that you feel them in great pleasentness. Also now I send you a good present from the house of hidden treasures of our teacher, the apple of our eyes the flowing stream the source of wisdom, may the memory of the tzaddik be for a blessing.
The main point of the coming of the Messiah is to reveal truth in the world, and this is the main Redemtion. (the main point to the redemption is to reveal the truth in the world?) For now the truth is in great exile, and each one says the truth is with him. truth and falsehood are akin to a king and a slave, and because the power of falsehood, the son of the king was switched with the son of the slave, until people thought the the slave was the son of the king. and about the son of the king they thought the opposite, as is explained in the stories of Rebbe Nachman the exchanged children.
And the main nullification of the falsehood and revelation of the truth is by a person negating himself from everything until he is literally like dust, akin to "and let my soul be like dust to everyone" from the amiddah prayer. For everyone grows from the earth. And all things and all creation is drawn to the earth.
And it is impossible to be seperated from the earth except through the repulsive force, meaninng that someone forces the object and takes if from its place on the earth and removes it from there. And according to the strength of this force so is the object seperated from the earth. And afterwards when this force desists, the object returns to the earth. For the earth has the attractive force and attracts all things to it. And if this were not so then it would not be possible to exist upon it. For it is round and all people on earth stand aroud it. For it woud be fitting to fall off it, if not for the attractive force.
And there is a True Tzaddik who is the foundation of the world, and all things stand upon him. And this Tzaddik, who is unique in the world, is humble and lowly and makes himself like dust, and through this he has the attractive force to draw the whole world to him.(who is the tzaddik? not who but like what is? What is exactly his role? What is exactly the tzaddik? What does it mean that he draws the whole world to him?  In what way? How? through is books? through our hearts?) To bring them near to the blessed L-rd and his Holy Torah. And behold it would be fitting for all human beings should be drawn to this Tzaddik. (all human beings? including the gentile nations? What for them? that they should also learn the books of Rebbe Nachman and draw close to him? ) who is an aspect of dust that has the attractive force mentioned above. except that through the repusive foce people desist and are distanced from him. Meaning that there are people who, through there speech and actions, repulse people and distance them from the Tzaddik mentioned above. And according to the power of this force, so does it create distance from the Tzaddik. And the main repulsive power is through arrogance and a haughty spirit and pursuit of honor, as when the person fears that his honor will be diminished and he will be ridiculed if he draws near to the truth.
Therefore everyone who want the real truth should humble his mind and remember his true smallness and unworthiness. And everything that has happend to him in his lifetime. And if he will truly feel his unworthiness then certainly the truth will be revealed to him, and the attractive power will overcome the repulsive power.And he will be drawn with great speed to the True Tzaddik. Likutay Mohaoran 1, 70
With a heartfelt request for peace for you and your dependants, and a blessing of health for the body and soul.
Yisroel Dov Odesser tiberias

Letter 2 of Blossoms of the spring pg.45-46

If anyone else wishes to make any observations questions or comments on anything other then what I mentioned please feel free to do so. Also I will try to post these as often as I can, just been kinda busy latley so sorry about the long wait between posts. please keep coming back and participating. pz nanachs,

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Search for the True Tzaddik (final part)

The value of the gathering of Israel, who hold themselves with the True Tzaddik, with great love and unity, and with the essence of true peace, and who draw onto themselves at all times an illumination of his holy wisdom, and who gather together and meet at all times to talk with each other about the fear of heaven and about the illumination of the holy wisdom that the tzaddik endeavors to shine upon them; this holy gathering is very precious and exalted and through it will be the Redemption speedly in our days and will come the messiah who will repair everything in perfection. Through the truth the world is protected from all destructive forces. The truth redeems from all travails. when there is truth there is peace. Where there is not truth there is not kindness. Through truth one merits to an eternal name. One who guards himself from falsehood always is victorious. Jerusalem will not be rebuilt till there will be peace between all Israel. And the holy temple will not be rebuilt until arrogance dissapears.
I request your forgiveness that I have not yet sent you the holy books. For I was ill and suffered difficult afflictions [G-d spare us] and for sure everything is for the best. Even now I am still very weak. And I struggled with all my strength to write a few Holy words. that have within them the power to sustain and restore the heart. Since the time we parted I have not forgotten you, for your love is engraved in the depths of my heart with great and eternal love. And I yearn and desire to always connect with you as brothers dwelling together. I pray for you always that you will merit to see the splendid light of the holy sun that shines now in the world, and to dispel  and disperse the clouds that darken the sunlight. In a manner that we shall merit to leave the darkness and come into the light, from darkness to great light,,  to the light of the morning that will shine upon us the sun of charity and healing in its wings.
with feelings of honor and preciousness behold I seek our peace and the peace of your dependents.
Yisroel Dov Odesser

my thoughts or discussion questions;

- For sure everything is for the best.

I know this is suppose to be so... But sometimes it is hard to see. My personel situation right now in my life, some of those know what that is..., doesn't seem to be for the best. It seems tough and hard and like a battle to be fought. Somtime its seems we just half to believe it is for the best even if it doesn't seem that way.

-with all my strength to write a few holy words. that have within them the power to sustain and restore the heart.

What does he mean here? Saba's words specifically? I have a friend, also, whose words restore me and give me strength. Are Saba's words specifically what he is talking about here. Like the words of Saba are much higher..?? Or does he mean as a friends words??? Or bolth? Or is it possible that Saba's words are not so much to restore the words themselves litteraly but any such words to restore the soul and heart come from the true tzaddik. Saba zeh Rebbeniu!??

There is alot to be said here in this first bit.. anyone notice anything they want to mention.. I will write more on this peace in a comment later. here is the specific paragraph I am speaking about here;

The value of the gathering of Israel, who hold themselves with the True Tzaddik, with great love and unity, and with the essence of true peace, and who draw onto themselves at all times an illumination of his holy wisdom, and who gather together and meet at all times to talk with each other about the fear of heaven and about the illumination of the holy wisdom that the tzaddik endeavors to shine upon them; this holy gathering is very precious and exalted and through it will be the Redemption speedly in our days and will come the messiah who will repair everything in perfection.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Search For the True Tzaddik (part 5)

Through disput against the tzaddik, we forget the torah. The comming of the messiah depends on drawing near to the tzaddik. The proliferation of secular wisdom, particularly the wisdom of philosophy, causes very very great damage to the whole world, more then snakes and scorpions and all sorts of evil and destructive beasts that are in the world. For they damage the Holy faith, which is the foundation of everything. Through speaking against the tzaddik, philosophy becomes strengthend in the world. And also the opposite: the main elevation of the sould and it perfection is when the souls of Israel are collected into one unity. Through love and peace and unity amongst Israel, through this all the heresy is nullified. And natural wisdom is surpressed and  eradicated. And there is revealed faith, in the desire of the world to know and to believe that eerything happens only through the will of the blessed One. through the peace that exists between people who anyalyze and explain to each other the truth. Every person will throw away the idolatry of his money and will draw himself near to the truth, and according to the peace that is in that generation, so can they draw the whole world to the service of the Blessed One and to serve Him in unity, and everyone will throw away there Gods of silver and gold and will pray to the L-rd alone.

Monday, July 9, 2012


Through drawing near to the True Tzaddik the poison of the serpent is stopped. And the opposite; through a false leader the poison gains strength. There is a Tzaddik who is so great in stature that he does not envy any other Tzaddik, not in this world and not in the next. He envies only G-d, akin to; he was jelous for my jelousy (stated about pinchas avenging G-d's honor in killing Zimri; Numbers 25:11) The main greatness of the tzaddik in his liftime and after his death is that he draws down and illuminates the very highest light and life force, meaning revelation of the blessed G-d, even in this physical world. Even into the very deepest and coursest places, until he is able to elevate even all those who have fallen and become extremely vulgerized. Until the verse is fulfilled; and every creature will know that you created him... (Rosh Hashanah prayerbook; Amidah) Through drawing near to the tzaddik we merit to faith and heresy is nullified.

 The main connection is love. That one should love the tzaddik with a complete love, that his soul should be connected with his soul. One should be very careful to expel from within himself the spirit of foolishness, that fills his heart and clings to him. And by attaching to the true tzaddik, meaning that he loves the tzaddik with all his soul, through this he expels very quickly the foolish spirit from within himself. And through this he merits a broken heart. The relation of the true tzaddik to the world is like that of the head to the body, and the main rectification is when we merit to be close and connnected to the tzaddik as the body is the head, for the main vitatilty of all the limbs comes only from the head. We must seek and search very very much, in each and every generation,  for the true tzaddik, with every type of search and with literal self sacrifice. For the main vitality and existence and perpetuation of every member of Israel is only through the true tzaddik. and through Israels search until they find him and draw near to him, through this we merit the complete redemption. And the song will be sung in the future. Happy is the one who merits and wait and yearns for this....

I got about 2 more posts till we are done with this letter, this is kind of a long one and I thought it might be best to split it up allowing us to dive deeper into each section..
Well guys what do you think... Anything to discuss here, thoughts opinions etc...
I started this blog to hear them, I am trying to learn and could you some help.., so please people dont hesitate. My blessings to you all.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Search for the True Tzaddik (part 3)

On the last Rosh Hashanah before his passing, Rabbeinu HaKadosh of blessed memory said the awesome Torah Tiku Tachacha [Likutay Moharan 2], which explains that one must seek and search very, very much for the holy prophetic spirit of the True Tzaddik, and leader. and that the main perfection of the faith, which is the essence of Judaism, is through him specifically. And then after saying the above mentioned torah, he warned me expressivle to write this great admonition that every man in the world, from great to small, needs to be very careful about this. And we need to warn and remind them about this thousands of times that they will reemember eery single day to search and seek greatly after the tzaddik, the true leader, who has the spirit of prophecy and holiness with which he is able to rectify truly for eternity. Certainly the search and quest is not after the physical body of the tzaddik, rather after his holy spirit, through which is his main rectification, and this one must search and seak alway no matter how you look at it; if you have not yet found the tzaddik at all, certainly you need to go on your hands and knees to search and seek with all your might throughout the whole world from one end to the other, all the days that you live one earth, perhaps you can find your souls eternal life for even one day or one moment before your death. And if you already think you found the true tzaddik, certainly you need to search and seek even more. And it is possible that one is next to the tzaddik and still his light is darkend from him and that he does not feel the pleasent truth of his holy advice. And because of this one needs great effort and a lot of searching until one finds him. And if he truly searches surley he will find him.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Search for the True Tzaddik (part 2)

Our Holy Teacher of living memory, before he died was sighing and shouting greatly with anguished voices and sighs and great shouts about the heresy and atheism that in the future would spread throughout the world. For this is the greatest evil of all the evils and miseries in the world; there is nothing more evil than this, may heaven protect us. And then his followers were sighing before him despondently and were saying: "what shall we do and to whom will he [Rabbeinu] leave us?" And he answered, "What are you worrying about, since I am going before you" etc. And he revealed his thought both explicilty and implicitly that everything that he did with his followers was for both those who are here and those who are not here, meaning even for the future generations. And he said, Just strenthen yourselves together with unity and friendship and the love of friends, and then you will be proper people, and not just proper but you will even be tzaddim and good. For G-d surely will help that my wish will be fulfilled, as I have always wanted. For with G-ds help I have finished  and I shall finish according to His will for sure And he said that whoever endeavored to join with one of his followers certainly will be a proper person, and not just proper but even a complete tzaddik, the way I want.

Monday, July 2, 2012

The Search for The True Tzaddik (part 1)

27 Adar One 5717 (1957)

A good life and a long life in honor of the treasury of wisdom and Knowledge, who searches for truth and seeks faith, beloved like my own soul, Mr. Zalman Shazar. May G-d be with him and open his heart and eyes and ears to see and hear and understand the truth.

It is good to thank G-d who arranged with His wondrous providence that I succeeded to recognize the greatness and preciousness of your great stature after many years of having heard about your great name from my close friend, Reb Meir Anshin. And from then on I greatly desired to meet with you and I did not succeed in this. But your strong yearning for the truth was the cause of G-d arranging with his wondrous kindness that I merited to see you and to connect with you in the love of truth. To my knowlege there are hidden in this hints with a number of postive implications. Although in truth I am completely simple person; however a small piece of wood can ignite and burn a very large piece. And if, however, we are at the bottom point of the most humble level, as we know about ourselves that our appearance is not graceful at all, for a storm wind and a great cloud storm darken greatly, especially in these our days. However G-d already introduced a cure and a total rectification through the rivers and streams of the true wisdom of the true tzaddik. And whoever will hide himself in the shade of his wings and will go in the ways of his teachings, and will cast away from himself all other wisdoms, and will throw away his intellect completely, as though he has no intelligence except for what he receives from the tzaddik. certainly he will have a complete rectification., in ultimate perfection no matter who he is.