Friday, July 6, 2012

Search for the True Tzaddik (part 3)

On the last Rosh Hashanah before his passing, Rabbeinu HaKadosh of blessed memory said the awesome Torah Tiku Tachacha [Likutay Moharan 2], which explains that one must seek and search very, very much for the holy prophetic spirit of the True Tzaddik, and leader. and that the main perfection of the faith, which is the essence of Judaism, is through him specifically. And then after saying the above mentioned torah, he warned me expressivle to write this great admonition that every man in the world, from great to small, needs to be very careful about this. And we need to warn and remind them about this thousands of times that they will reemember eery single day to search and seek greatly after the tzaddik, the true leader, who has the spirit of prophecy and holiness with which he is able to rectify truly for eternity. Certainly the search and quest is not after the physical body of the tzaddik, rather after his holy spirit, through which is his main rectification, and this one must search and seak alway no matter how you look at it; if you have not yet found the tzaddik at all, certainly you need to go on your hands and knees to search and seek with all your might throughout the whole world from one end to the other, all the days that you live one earth, perhaps you can find your souls eternal life for even one day or one moment before your death. And if you already think you found the true tzaddik, certainly you need to search and seek even more. And it is possible that one is next to the tzaddik and still his light is darkend from him and that he does not feel the pleasent truth of his holy advice. And because of this one needs great effort and a lot of searching until one finds him. And if he truly searches surley he will find him.


  1. the idea of this blog is for people to read the posting and respond to whatever one wants. Ask a question, share a revelation, etc.. Everyone please join in...


    pz nanachs :)

  2. I don't have any questions on this piece. Are you posting selected parts of the book or the whole book?

  3. I hope to go through the whole book. But on the long letters such as this one, I am breaking up into parts, to allow for more study. This is the first letter.