Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Obstacles to Approaching the Tzaddik

(again my words in bold italic)

to the faithful one of my heart, Mr. Zalman Shazar, with a prominently high soul. Peace and great salvation. G-d [the blessed L-rd] think of ways that the estranged to not become alienated from Him. And when He sees that the person is falling to a place that is extremely low and distant from the Torah, in utter lowliness and unworthiness, and that the forces of evil and defilement are spreading out over him from every side and want to swallow him completly, G-d forbid, G-d sends to him hints appropriate to that place. And He sends him a certain merit that he can attain precisley in that distant place. And that is the test and choice. And if there he will merit to remember G-d and to do there what G-d hints to him, wherever he is, he can easily return to G-d.

The Tzaddik, who is of extremely great stature, who has purified himself from everything, is not dead at all. For also after his passing he works to rectify the souls of Israel, even more then in his lifetime, since then he is rising constantly all the time to levels that are so high and wonderous and exalted that he can repair everything. (Saba here says he can repair anything) For the main rectification must be recieved from the highest place, and each person, according to how very much he has damaged, G-d forbid, needs to recieve the repair from a correspondingly high and distant place. And this is the aspect of "From afar" G-d appears to me; From afar precisley, "From afar" she will bring her bread. For the main rectification must be recieved from afar, from a place very much higher and more distant from him.
But the main thing is we must break many obstacles before we merit to draw near to this tzaddik. (so this kind of means that if we are drawing near to the tzaddik we have broken obstalces already,so kinda like Rebbe Nachman says, If one is in despair he can at least rejoice he is a Jew, So couldn't you also say of one is in despair one can at least rejoice that he has merited to draw close to the tzaddik. Also this seems to be saying as one draws close to the Tzaddik there will be many obstacles, and I am assuming one is always rising higher and higher drawing closer to the Tzaddik.?) For the obstacles are very powerful and numerous without number. Especially the mental obstacles that exist; that people do not believe in essence that they can recieve rectification, because of their extensive damage time after without measure, for many days and years. And even though they blame themselves for the damage, this also is a type of obstacle: That they do not believe in the greatness of G-ds kindness, which are unlimted, and in the greatness of the True Tzaddik, who draws down wonderously new kindness each time, until everyone who wants to receieve them can merit through him and be repaired, even if he damaged what he damaged G-d forbid.
The main illumination of the glory of G-d in the world is only through the Tzaddik, who finds righteousness in the majority of the people and trys to draw near the distant and to return them to G-d. For this is the main glory of G-d, may His glory be elevated and increased in the world. Therefore every person needs to try hard to draw the estranged near to G-d. Also one should not say, How can I draw near to G-d when I am so distant because of the multitude of my evil deeds? For just the opposite: The further away one is, the more the glory of G-d is magnified through him when he tries to return and to draw near to the blessed one, for this is the main glory of G-d.

The author and arranger, who prays always and everyday for your peace and welfare, with all his heart and with self sacrifice, who seeks your peace and the peace of your dependants.

Yisroel Dov Odesser


  1. Repairing souls, not literally everything. Read the sentence before, you'll see that Saba's saying Rebbe Nachman can repair any soul. Not literally everything.