Friday, July 27, 2012

Be Strong in Overcoming Obstacles

(again my comments in bold italic)

My dear Mr. Zalman Shazar, who understands one thing from another: great peace.

You must pay attention to understand the subtle implications of our words, to recieve hints from them about the matter of attaching to the Tzaddik, in whose great power even one who is distant and has fallen into a deep endless descent is able to draw near to G-d [the Blessed L-rd]. Even if our deeds do not reflect favourably, and we have done what we have done, and damaged what we have damaged, and become estranged as we have, and have arrived to where we have, so that we have destroyed the house of wisdom, and burned the temple of intellect, and exiled our knowledge to the place of exile: Still G-d does His, and the kindensss of G-d are not exhausted and His mercies do not cease, One who goes in phyicality all his days and afterwords becomes inspired and wants to draw near to the tzaddik. Who will lead him in the ways of G-d; at that point the trait of harsh judgement accuses him and does not leave him alone and arranges a obstacle for him. And the fool, when he sees the obstacle, turns back. But one who is intelligent draws himself near precisley at that point. For in truth God himself is hidden in this obstacle. G-d does not send any person obstacles except according to his strength and ability to stand up to them if he wants to overcome them properly. Therefore really there is no obstacle at all, for all the obstacles are only a illuison. The main thing is to have a strong and couragres heart, and then nothing obstructs him from drawing near to the truth, for every obstacle is nullified for one who makes his heart strong and courages in G-d!!
People have more power then the evil urge to obstruct and entice the person and to distance him from G-d and from the True Tzaddik. Therefore one who wants truly to draw near to the truth needs to be very courges against there evil brazeness, and let his will be strong against theirs, not to be imbarresed by the scoffers. You should think that there is nothing in the world except he alone, unique in the world, and not to look at any person who obstructs him. To be like abraham was one [LM, intro to part 2], as though he is alone in the world. And through this you can merit to find G-d through searching and seeking alone, and that he requests, and seeks, and searches for his Blessed Glory. And precisley by overcomming such a powerful concealment, afterwords his Blessed Glory is elevated and exahaulted even more, and in the end everything is transformed for the good and the world is completely rectified!!!
Because of the preoccupation of Erev Shabbos Kodesh [prepreations for the holy sabbath] , it is imparative to conclude. Your beloved friend, who is connected to your heart everyday always, who truly entreats for your peace and wellfare.

(guess i have nothing to say about this it is just inspiring... Anyone else feel free to comment)

Yisroel Dov Odesser

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