Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Tzaddik is the Cure for All Problems

(my words are in bold italic)

To the beloved of my heart, who yearns and desires to see the sparkling secret, hidden visions, Mr Zalman Shazar. May the L-rd uplift the horn of his salvation and open the eyes of his mind to distinguish and see the truth eye to eye.

In our days a robber has entered our borders, and he is the head of all our enemies. He has put a iron trap upon us and buried obstacles in our path. He has spread out nets for our feet. His eyes are peircing at us, and his teeth grinding upon us. To fall upon us and destroy us. And each and everyday he renews his strength and overpowers us. Forcing us to drink his cup of poison, and it is complely beyond our capability to stand up against him. Therefore the L-rd has done a wonder with us and has brought the cure before the blow and has sent down to us the True Tzaddik, the head and chosen of all the choice Tzaddikim. He is the Rebbe and the leader of our generation and of all future generation, who will water the all the earth with wisdom and knowledge of the L-rd, using the rivers and streams of his wisdom and his profound rectifications and advice. In order to purify the impure, to wash off the soilded, to whiten the stained, to give merit to the guilty, to atone for the transgressors, to drawn near the estranged, to gather in the exiled and lost, to liberate the imprisoned, to rejoice the hearts of the depressed and ostracized!
Happy is the one who is save from erring and those who wander in darkness and gloom, who cannot see and gaze at the light of the True Tzaddik, who is the root of all the Tzaddikim of all generations. For He will finish completly all the rectifications that the Tzaddikim of all the generations began and will rectify the entire world in utter perfection. And with this enormous power he will suppress and nullify all of the heresy and atheism from the world and will draw into the world great faith. And he will illuminate for everyone a revelation of G-dliness so extremley awesome that the likes of which has never yet been heard or seen in the history of th wold.
When the force of the serpents poison becomes over-powering, G-d forbid, and one become very distanced fromt the holiness of his Judaism. And he wonders aimlessly and burdned., and he has replulsed him from his holiness time after time. Then the holiness of the human soul awakens; and then precisley, if one is strong and courages and starts to request, search, seek, and dig at every moment and to yearn and desire to find the Holy One Blessed be He. And even if still many days and years pass by and he does not merit to find the Holy One Blessed be He and to be drawn near to Him; even so he should know and believe that every moment, through every searching and seeking and through every summons that one summons and searches and seeks to find the Glory of the Holy One Blessed be He and through every glance and yearning that He looks and lifts his eye towards Holiness, through all this he merits each time to break walls of iron and doors of brass. And even though each time afterwards they overpower him even more, eves so his effort is not in vain, G-d forbid, and no movment that he turns towards Holiness is lost, G-d Forbid. (Wow! Inspiring! I would do well to always remember this!)
And certainly in the end he will merit to find the Holy One Blessed be He to ascend to the greatest ascent. :-)   And this power to search and seek for the blessed One even in the greatest descent, in the deepest exile of the soul, is in the merit of the teaching of the True Tzaddik, who turns to lovingkindness always and finds good in every member of Israel, and through that he endeavers to heal each one, even if he is very very sick with spiritual illness. For He [True Tzaddik] finds also in him good points, like hairs: as when he disengages from evil and attaches himself to good even as much as a hairs breath. And that hair becomes a channel through which the Tzaddik introduces intelligence also into him, until he instills within him even comprehension of the Divine. For this is the essential greatness of the Tzaddik: When he can heal even the sickest person!

The writer and organizer, who prays everyday for your peace and success, and who is bound to your precious and pleasant soul always and at all times, truly with all my heart and soul, and who seeks your peace and welfare and the peace of your dependants.

Yisroel Dov Odesser


  1. For all *spiritual* illnesses, with the help of G-d, like it says in this letter.

    But we only pray to Hashem to heal us of our physical and spiritual problems. No prayers to anyone else. We can ask Rebbe Nachman to pray to Hashem on our behalf and to intercede with Hashem on our behalf. If we follow Rabbi Nachman's advice and work hard at following it, we will in the end be healed from our spiritual illnesses.


  3. I only wrote this because the title of your post is THE TZADDIK IS THE CURE FOR ALL PROBLEMS.

  4. He is. :) this is the title of the letter in the book. This is Sabas letter.

  5. It is Saba's letter but not Saba's title. The person who translated the book added the titles. I only wrote what I wrote because the title of the letter is The Tzaddik is the Cure for All Problems. Saba doesn't say this in the letter. In the book Conversations from the Life of the Saba, there is a title to one of the sections called "Reb Mottel nulltified himself to Breslov", which is totally false. He nullified his opposition to Rebbe Nachman but he didn't become a Breslover at all as far as we know. So the titles that the printers come up with need to be taken with a grain of salt. So Rebbe Nachman is not the cure for all problems. Rebbe Nachman is not omnipotent. Hashem is the only omnipotent one.

  6. As moses was the mediator for israel, it makes sense, for the true tzaddik to be the mediator. Yitchok brieters pillars of faith, The tzaddik is the chariot of Hashems presence? Do u not believe that? what about these do you believe this; (just some of them the whole list isn't here, this is "The Pillar of the Tzaddik", Yitchok brieter heres the link;

    1. The soul of Mashiach/Messiah preceded the world[1], and he is the root of the souls of Israel, and the entire Creation was only created to serve his ends, and "the Tzaddik is the Foundation of the World" (Prov. 10:25).

    wow pretty big statement about the tzaddik...

    4. All that transpires in the world — all the incarnations, clarifications, tests, and revelations of faith are through him, as it is written, "He is faithful in My house" (Num. 12:7).

    so all things are through him.... could it be said then that he is a cure for all things...???

    5. Hashem gave him full dominion and kingship, as it is said, "The Tzaddik rules with the fear of G-d." (II Sam. 23:3)

    6. He is the Heavenly Court.

    7. He is the revelation of the Hand of Hashem — that is to say, he reveals Divine Providence, both on the spiritual and material planes.

    8. He is the revelation of prayer, as it is written, "I am prayer" (Ps. 109:4).

    9. He is the chariot for the Shekhina.

    10. He is Holiness.

    11. He is the life of the entire world.

    12. All service of Hashem rises upward through him.

    13. All thoughts of repentance come from him.[

    I also have heard this although I dont know wht the source is.. Do you?

    "The Tzadik decrees and Hashem fulfills".

    Either way...the tzaddik is the chariot for the Shekhina.!

    From Israel Saba

    pg 42

    "The tzaddik has everything.

    I said to him. I know of a tzaddik who can give you a healing".


  7. However just praying and going over this.. the deal is many nanach seem to have slighlty different takes on how this all comes together. For a second there I cought myself feeling like a had to choose a certain doctrine.. to choose to say I believe somthing that or don't believe somthing to which I have not the slightest Idea... So I will some it up with what I believe right here;

    Yes, I believe Rebbe Nachman is the cure for all things! How? Why? He gave us his teachings, the general remedy and of course NA NACH NACHMA NACHMAN MEUMAN! So with that said Yes He is the cure for all things. All thing which come down from heaven(from G-d) through Rebbe Nachman.

    I believe Saba is the voice of Rebbe Nachman in this generation, and that the whole would will learn Rebbe Nachman through saba efforts to make him known and the efforts of his disciples, Which will bring about the Redemption!

    This is exactly How I personally Believe it.

  8. I can't say that I believe what R' Breiter wrote because I simply don't know what many of his words mean. I can't say I believe in something somebody wrote if I don't even know what he was trying to say. If I were a prohphet and Hashem said something to me but to me all I heard was "abcdefghijklmnop". It's not possible to believe in this until I can decode what this means in the language of people. Some of R' Breiter's statements I can decipher what he is saying. Do I believe it? I have heard that not all Breslovers accept everything he wrote at face value. Some of his writings seem to be controversial according to what a certain Breslover told me. He was not Reb Nosson. I don't know what his sources were for all of his statements. Other things he wrote in this pamphlet are like Greek to me in this sense that I have no idea what the words mean. So I can't begin to believe in words if I don't know what the words mean.

    So, what is the difference between G-d and Rabbi Nachman in terms of omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence? As you see it, is there any difference between them in these 3 areas?

  9. Yaakov, I agree with EVERYTHING you wrote in your above post. Well put. And yes, the Tzaddik IS the cure for all problems, because only through him can we recieve complete healing, mind soul and body.
    Na Nach!

  10. If Rabbi Nachman is the cure for all problems then why don't we have a brocha in our daily prayers which says "Blessed are you, Tzaddik HaEmes, who heals the sick of his people Israel, who blesses the years, who brings the redemption, etc." In our prayers we only look to Hashem for all of these things. So who is the cure for all problem - Hashem or Rabbi Nachman? And if it's both than how come there has not been one Breslov or Nanach person who has all his problems cured - Saba didn't, Rabbi Karduner didn't. Rabbi Karduner passed away at 40 years old and so did all of his children - all from cholera. Nobody was as attached to Rabbi Nachman as Rabbi Karduner was and yet he had terrible health problems and money problems. I really don't think he looked at Rabbi Nachman as the cure for all problems - for spiritual problems, yes - but not for all problems.

  11. "why don't we have a brocha in our daily prayers which says "Blessed are you, Tzaddik HaEmes, who heals the sick of his people Israel, who blesses the years, who brings the redemption, etc."

    Simple, because this is not what the Tzadik commanded us to say.

    "Hashem or Rabbi Nachman? "

    There is NO preception of Hashem without the Tzadik. In my opinion this question is null and void.

    "for spiritual problems, yes - but not for all problems."

    If the spiritual problems are solved so is everything else.

  12. In the brochos that we make we say that Hashem Elokeinu has commanded us not the Tzadik. Hashem commanded us to do the mitzvos through Moshe who taught it to Yehoshua who taught it to the Zekenim, to the Neviim, etc. The blessings that we referring to in the Amida were composed by the Men of the Great Assembly not by Moshe or Rabbi Nachman. So I don't get what you mean by "this is not what the Tzaddik commanded us to say". What tzaddik are you referring to?

    1. Rebbe Nachman. The Tzadik of the generation and of every generation, Rebbe Nachman, is the Head of all the Tzadikim of every generation. All the tzadikim are the body, Rebbe Nachman is the Head. this has been true from the begining of creation. I do hold by Yitzach Brieter. He said it exactly like it is. Much of so called main stream Judiasm holds by him as far as I know. The whole pamphlet is very Na Nach.

  13. "this is not what the Tzadik commanded us to say" - what Tzadik are you referring to? And what "saying" are you referring to?

    "There is no perception of Hashem without the Tzadik" - do you mean that a Jew can't do any mitzvos, or talk to Hashem without being a attached to Rabbi Nachman? If so, that why did Saba say that the author of the Kitzur Shulchan Aruch (R' Shlomo Ganzfried), Reb Mottel and R' Yosef Chaim Sonnenfeld were big tzaddikim and holy men?

    1. "The Tzadik" refers to five people, Moshe Rebainu, Rebbe Shimon Bar Yochai, The Holy Ari zal. the Baal Shem Tov and in particular Rebbe Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman. "Say" Refers to the Bracha that the Tzadik commanded us to say.

  14. "because this is not what the Tzadik commanded us to say" - which Tzadik are you referring to?

    "commanded us to say" - to say what?

    "There is NO preception of Hashem without the Tzadik" - then why did Saba say that Rabbi Shlomo Ganzfried (Author of Kitzur Shulchan Aruch), Reb Mottel and R' Yosef Chaim Sonnenfeld were big tzaddikim and holy men?

    1. "There is NO preception of Hashem without the Tzadik" meaning the five names mentioned above. Rebbe Nachman being the head of them all.

  15. OK.... Saba noon Please answer these for Kalman Caspa... But I want to try to answer I think what he means by the tzaddik is everything comes down from Hashem through the tzaddik. The true tzaddik.

  16. "There is no perception of Hashem without the Tzadik" - before Saba was connected to Rabbainu he was able to perceive Hashagacha Pratis (The Hand of G-d) in his life. All people on the face of this earth, if they are looking for it, can perceive Hashgacha Pratis in their lives. Also by contemplating all of Hashem's creations ("sing to Him, make music to Him, speak of all his wonders") and one's own body ("from my flesh I perceive G-d") one can perceive Hashem in the world. So, I don't know what you mean when you say ""There is no perception of Hashem without the Tzadik".

  17. Every thought of repentence comes from the Tzadik. Even though we may not know the name of the Tzadik, every thought of repentence comes from the Tzadik. The Tzadik refers to the above mentioned names.